Will my child need a referral?

No, you can call and make a self referral. Some children are referred by their doctor, another therapist or their educational establishment. Then it is helpful to be able to speak with the person who has made the referral after parental consent has been given.

Can I receive NHS and Private therapy?

Yes, we are happy to work alongside your NHS Occupational Therapist. In those circumstances it is essential that there is good communication between therapists, so that your child benefits from all their input and that we are all working towards common goals.

Do you do home or school visits?

Yes we are happy to see children within a variety of settings.

How frequently will my child need to be seen?

This depends entirely on your child's needs and your family's personal circumstances. There is no prescriptive method that is best and each family is individual. Please call to discuss what might works best for you and your child.

What are your fees?

Fees are dependent on the services required. For current fees please contact me.

What if I need to cancel an arranged session?

All sessions cancelled over 24 hours before the appointment will not be charged for. Those appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment may be charged for, depending on the circumstances.

What if my child requires Speech and Language Therapy or Physiotherapy as well?

The practice has close links with local Speech and Language Therapists and Peadiatric Physiotherapists. We have done joint sessions when the situation requires it.

Call now on 0775 9669 885 for free telephone consultation or meet up in person to discuss your child's needs and to establish the best way forward to address their difficulties.



Parents can call for:
A free telephone consultation to discuss their child's needs to establish the best way forward to address their child's difficulties.

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Paediatric OT
Paediatric OT
SPOT on Therapy are experts at assessing & treating children aged 0 - end of primary school.
Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy
We specialise in helping children finding it difficult to control their muscles and movements.
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We provide assessments for children aged 0 - end of primary school, to evaluate their requirements.
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Learning Difficulties
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